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With the internet becoming bigger daily, you can't afford not to have your own website. If you own a band or a small business, you are a few clicks away from the start of your very own website. I am a lone bedroom developer, at this current time, but that only means it's cheaper for you! I can create you your own design, for as low as £300 and £100 per year for hosting*.
Eventually, I will move this whole web developing stuff into its own site, and start up a proper business for it, but still giving you all low cost websites!
Building sites has always been a passion of mine, and I never stop studying, and never stop coding.

*Costs will vary depending on how large the project is, how soon you need it done and how much server power it requires.

Why do you need a website?

In today's society, everyone needs a website for their stuff. Be it a business, a band, or just a home page for yourself, you need a website to get your content out there. Developers like myself are committed to making your life better by providing you with a website to help you with your needs.

What I do and how I make your site

I focus mainly on small time websites, providing information to customers. I can implement features such as news letters for email subscribers, accounts for users, admin pages for you to edit certain informaiton yourself. Sadly though, I do not work with any website that requests payments (eg. PayPal, Bitcoin or bank transfers) for products or services at the moment, however I can do almost everything else.

When you want your own website, but don't know how to make one, you get someone else to do it for you. That's me. Firstly, you start by emailing me, letting me know you have a request. I will aim to get in touch with you that same day. From there, we can keep in contact via phone, Skype, email or in person, if you live near by. Together, we will write out a contract of service agreement, with estimated costs, which we will both sign, either on paper or digitally, and we shall get to work on desinging your site together. After all, it's your dream. Your vision. I'm jsut here to make it happen. Once the design is completed, I will request up to 50% of the payment before creating you a working demo. Once the demo is complete, I will arrange with you the final payment for the site, and we can discuss how you'd like to pay the hosting costs - either monthly or yearly. Overall, the whole process should take less than one month to complete. If it takes longer than originally arranged, I will reduce the site charges by 25%. It's not fair to keep you waiting.


Take a look at some websites I have already done in the past for other people. These includes for bands and forums.

Ready to get started?

Feel free to email me if you'd like to discuss your idea, design and needs for a website!

More on pricing

Here, there is a strive to get your project up and running as soon as possible, and to the best standards, whilst keeping the price low. Obviously, the prices do vary, but the average price for a small band or information website will be around £300 developing costs, with £100 per year for hosting costs. Hosting is served by TSOHost, on the highest quality of servers. Payments can be made via check, or via Paypal, to allow safe and easy payments. I ask kindly if hosting payments can be made in advance, as it's hard to keep up with hosting costs without any money. Hosting charges may have change due to increased or decreased usage of your site. If this happens, I will contact you to arrange a new price.